Vegan Wonderland Costa Rica

Hey everybody,

Right now I am relaxing in a hammock in the djungle of Costa Rica trying to summarize what this country is for me and I found a short but very good description: Vegan Wonderland!


I just love to eat fresh, tropical fruits the whole day which you can buy very cheap on the local markets. It’s a pure luxury for me to harvest and drink a fresh coconut at the beach.


I just love it and I really wish I could stay forever! 🙂


Of course I am trying to find some local or international vegans to cook with! So vegan Ticos – where are you? 😉


If you are a vegan who is traveling through Costa Rica right now or a vegan Tico, let me know! We should meet and cook together! Leave me a comment or mail me at teumova@arcor.de


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