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Pakistani & Vegan & Raw (in Costa Rica): Raw Burfi

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I told you in my last blog about the wonderful Pakistani evening I had with my friend Laila who is half-Pakistani and a very dear friend of me. We not only made that delicious Pakistani vegan & raw food I introduced you to, we even had a wonderful Pakistani celebration.


Vegan Wonderland Costa Rica

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Hey everybody, Right now I am relaxing in a hammock in the djungle of Costa Rica trying to summarize what this country is for me and I found a short but very good description: Vegan Wonderland! I just love to eat fresh, tropical fruits the whole day which you can buy very cheap on the […]

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My Raw Food Oscars Watching Buffet

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YES, I am watching the Oscars!!! I am a big fan of good movies! That´s why I love to watch the Oscars every single year although I have to stay up till very late hours here in Germany. For this year I decided to make a delicious & healthy buffet for the show instead of […]