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Slovenian & Vegan: Žganci


Last month three lovely ladies from Slovenia visited me and surfed my couch. And of course I´m telling you that because we also cooked together.

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Anja suggested to cook a typical dish of her childhood which is called Žganci. Every child in Slovenia knows Žganci. To me it was sth. very new and I had to get used to it at first.

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Žganci is somehow similar to polenta, although prepared with finer grains. It’s made from maize, wheat or buckwheat flour, water and salt. And that´s how you make it:


  • 500g of flour (buckwheat, wheat or maize – we used buckwheat flour)
  • salt
  • about 2 litres of water
  • optional: soy milk
  • opional: roasted pistachios

Take a big pot and bring the water to a boil. Add the flour WITHOUT stirring. Now you make a hole in the middle of the flour like you can see in the picture.

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Cook the flour for about 20 minutes – again – WITHOUT stirring. Drain off the water and crumble the lump.

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There are many different possibilities to serve and eat the Žganci. You can be very creative about it. The three slovenian ladies showed me two ways. The first was to roast some pistachios in sunflower oil and just add it to the crumbled Žganci.

Foto 07.09.12 21 40 03


The other way was to pour some soy milk over the Žganci.

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I tried both ways and especially liked to just put all together – Žganci, roasted pistachios and the soy milk.

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Dober tek!


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