Brighton Vegfest 2012 or how two German girls came to see the vegan England


If I wouldn´t have my challenge this year and if I hadn´t host a lovely guest from Belgium because of that challenge – Nina and me never would have been to the Vegfest in Brighton. But I decided to do that challenge and I met that lovely belgian lady named Nathalie – who told us about it. So Nina and I decided to go to England for the Brighton Vegfest and it was wonderful.

We spent some days in London too and even cooked with two of our three lovely hosts – of cause there will be blogs about that cooking later – but first I would like to show you some of my pictures I made at the Vegfest in Brighton which aren´t as nice as usual. The simple reason is that I couldn´t bring the heavy professional camera I normaly use. Nina and I traveled with hand luggage only and that was an adventure of it´s own!

As we unluckily had very rude, unhappy and probably sexual frustrated check in ladys on our flight back, Nina had to pay 50 pounds extra because she couldn´t get her (very small) purse into her bag anymore.

But anyway the pictures can provide a small insight into the Vegfest to those who couldn´t come. It was great! I have to say that I am not used to fairs which are for free and where you can actually try things. As silly as it sounds – that is not pretty normal in Germany. You actually could attend shows and cooking workshops, talks at the Vegfest FOR FREE! Thank you Brighton – I loved it!

One short excample from Germany – right now there is the Rohvolution (raw food – fair) going on in Berlin, which sounds great if you wouldn´t have to pay 9 Euros just to get in. And if it´s like the last time – and I suppose it is exactly like last time – you only can look at things, you are not allowed to try anything except you want to pay unhuman prices for it. In my opinion that sucks! And I am so happy that Nina and me went to Brighton to see that there are other possibilities out there! Yeah! 😉






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